Ambassador Team

DApps & Exchanges

Ahmed Asaad
Slack: @medo_nz
Telegram: @medoNexus

Having come from a telecommunications engineering background, I gravitated towards Nexus in 2017. The innovative and unrelenting approach applied by the core development team in building the Nexus protocol, coupled with the amazing ethos displayed by the Nexus community has motivated me greatly to become more involved and contribute to the project in any way possible. I have been an active member on the various community channels, contributed to content creation and look forward to raising further awareness of the Nexus vision. With many years of experience in telecommunications engineering, strategic asset management, project and programme management, I hope to utilize this skillset to continually contribute towards Nexus.



Slack: @Guidisix
Telegram: @guidisix

Guillermo AKA Guidi, is a South American earth scientist (PhD, M.Sc) and developer (technical degree on Programming), born in the Spectrum(ASD). He has always been interested in learning many things, such as computers and science. He studied at the National University of Chile(B.Sc), then move to Australia to Study at The ANU(M.Sc) and UQ(PhD candidate). His focus lies in the improvement of local communities, climate change adaptation, governance and equity in education, health and the development of open source solutions. After learning about Nexus in 2017, he believed in the vision, philosophy and technology behind it. Currently, he is working to spread awareness of Nexus in Latin America. He is proficient in Linux(CLI), Spatial Databases, JavaScript.


Nino Teodosijevic
Slack: @Nino00
Telegram: @Nino00slav

The impact that new technologies such as a truly decentralized blockchain could have on existing systems, is what fascinates me the most. I discovered Nexus in 2017, and was especially attracted by the prospect of a truly decentralized internet. The awesome Nexus team and their ‘no comprises’ approach - to do it the right way, instead of going the easy and wrong route, is why I started to help and support Nexus' Vision. I am active in all community channels for all questions, and my technical background helps me support the community with wallet problems. Due to my work in power engineering and energy economics, I am particularly interested in the impact of blockchain on the wholesale markets, energy trading, and the possibility of shared renewable assets.

Social Media, Press, & Promotions

April Bunje
Slack: @maid

April has been actively involved in the Nexus community since 2017. True to the name of Nexus, it was the connections of the many that brought her to the community and she became a contributor to support its vision, values and innovations. Her interests in economics, technology, investments and compliance provided meaningful contributions to co-writing content. April’s experience and constant research helped define terminology, provide context and varying perspectives which support Nexus’ solutions.


Jeremy Watson
Slack: @Jeremy(CCC)
Telegram: @Common_Cents_Crypto

My background is in education and leadership development, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my experiences to support the growth of our Nexus community. I take great pride in the opportunity to work with such talented, caring, & compassionate individuals dedicated to building the foundation of a decentralized future. I remember when I was first inspired by the thought of a crypto revolution. To this day, I truly believe that blockchain technology will prove to be the key to unlocking trust in politics, simplicity in transactions, & financial independence throughout the world. The Nexus team, tech, and community are working to make this a reality, and that’s why I’m here. Sigchains open the door to mainstream adoption. The TAO framework provides ease of use & on chain scaling. But more importantly, the Nexus vision revolves around building trust, connectivity, and promoting responsible values to create the world we deserve.


Kjetil Skogland

Kjetil works in the education sector where he teaches science and mathematics. He loves working with computers and is currently working on a specialization in the use of ICT in learning. Kjetil has always had a great interest in technology, development and the future and is a big sci-fi fan. The discovery of Bitcoin and blockchain technology a few years ago ignited a spark that grew into a passionate interest in decentralized technologies. Kjetil envisions a complete set of technologies and services for computer and internet users based on blockchain. For real decentralization, these solutions must take place on-chain without the involvement of third-party actors. He found this vision in Nexus and has followed the project ever since. Kjetil is an active community member who has hung around in various Nexus chat rooms for several years and when he got the chance to become more involved in the project, he did not hesitate.

Graphics & Content

April Henderlong
Slack: @Aries
Telegram: @Aries

April graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BA in Traditional Illustration. While in college she started doing graphic designs for various companies and websites. In January of 2015 April discovered the emerging world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and obsession quickly took over. It was August of 2016 that she found Nexus and immediately knew she wanted to become more involved. She created a merchandise and apparel shop for Nexus where products continue to ship around the world. She currently works with the team doing NexusOfficial and NXSCommunity Twitter graphics, and is starting to create some website imagery also. April hopes that her graphic efforts will help bring awareness and education to Nexus in the present and consistently in the future.


Arun Pais
Slack: @aeonwise
Telegram: @aeonwise

Having completed formal education in Electrical Engineering was drawn towards Bitcoin in early 2017. Liked the concept and ethos, took a deep dive which increased awareness about money and economics and the threat of emerging technologies whose convergence is pushing us further into the fully centralised digital realm. I am a staunch believer that blockchain will be the foundation of our digital future and the decisions we make today will shape our future. Having delved into blockchain projects to find the one which has the vision and ideology of Sathoshi, and also decentralize and democratize money, economics, internet, emerging technologies to give people back the power, led me to Nexus and there has been no looking back. Using this opportunity to spread Nexus and its innovative technology to the masses.


Neal Helman
Slack: @nhelman64
Telegram: @Neal Helman